2 hour session: Introduction to primary school relationships and sexuality education

In 2011 I wrote Catching On Early - Sexuality Education for Victorian Primary Schools for the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood. The resource is a teaching program for children from Prep to Year 6, including important Protective Behaviours lessons,  models of inclusive teaching and responding to children's real-world dilemmas and need-to-know.

This session gives you an overview of what good (that is, research-based) sex and relationships education looks like for primary school. We practice lots of teaching activities, look at the research on child sexual development, and how to deal with tricky questions.

Content can include: What do we need to teach primary school children? When do we start ? What is age and developmentally appropriate? What does AUSVELS require? What are the implications of Victorian Government's commitment to Respectful Relationships education for all Victorian children? Working with parents. Making programs inclusive of diverse sexual and gender identities.

If you would like to make a booking, talk about session content, or have any other questions you can contact me here.