Jenny is a gifted educator and communicator with a strong commitment to the work she does. She embraces diversity in all her work in ways which are demystifying and reassuringly non-judgemental.

Jenny is available for guest speaking, training and consultancy services. 

Conference keynote addresses

Have our programs kept up-to-date with children and young people’s relationships and sexuality education (RSE)  needs? How do we talk to primary aged children about sexual and social issues? How do we support and prepare teachers, schools and parents? What does the research say, and how does the research translate into everyday settings? Jenny has presented at national and international conferences about relationships and sexuality education, GLBT inclusive education, parenting education and more. 

Professional learning for teachers and others

Young people place the highest value on RSE, and the research tells us what makes it great (see Pound et al 2017). Jenny's evidence-based training covers research, curriculum guidelines, tricky topics, skills development and how-to-teach RSE for primary and secondary teachers and health professionals. The training builds participants’ confidence and skills to address these issues and provides an introduction to resources available to support this work including ‘How to teach The Practical Guide to Love, Sex and Relationships from Years 7 to 10’ and “Catching On Early (revised!) – modern primary school sexuality education’.

Parent education

Parents remain the most important educators of their children about bodies, sex and safe relationships. Jenny's style is easy going, down-to-earth and respectful of people's diverse values and life experience. Parent education sessions remain an invaluable way of providing discussion and advice on raising ‘sexually healthy’ and relationship-ready kids. Jenny can also explain Victorian curriculum expectations, answering tricky questions, and the importance of an inclusive school curriculum, to suit your school’s unique community and context. Thirty-minute presentation followed by Q&A.


School leader seminars

It is no accident that research conducted with schools has identified the same needs as those students identify – they require more support and resources to deal with complex issues like sexual consent, image-sharing and relationships. Jenny can provide seminars for principal associations and other school leader gatherings. The seminars provide an evidence-based overview of the issues including relevant Victorian policy and curriculum guidelines. She has advised in State, Independent, Muslim and Catholic settings.