2 hour session: The Practical Guide to Love, Sex and Relationships Education for Years 7 - 10

Research, hands-on activities, dealing with tricky questions. I'll take you through the internationally recognised teaching resource The Practical Guide to Love, Sex and Relationships for Years 7 - 10, of which I was Project Leader.

Please note, you do not have to train with me to get this resource. It is available for free for everyone to download here.

National research tells us that 25% of Year 10 students and 50% of Year 12 students have had sexual intercourse. The numbers who have had some kind of sexual interaction with another person are much higher. In the most part their experiences were positive. However, a significant number of sexually active students have had unwanted sex, largely to being drunk, pressure from a partner, or fear.

Australian research has also identified that students find their sex education lacking and want to discuss the emotional and practical aspects of relationships, not simply the biological and reproductive information.

This session will help you to make sure you are challenging the acceptability of ‘pressured’ sex (including pressured ‘sexting’) to replace it with a new norm – one of ethical sex and ethical encounters, so that young women and men are more able to enjoy sex when they feel ready for it, that it is safe, and that it is a mutually pleasurable and consensual experience.

This course is for anyone working with Years 7 - 10 students in a teaching setting: teachers, youth workers, school nurses.

If you would like to make a booking, find out about longer training sessions, or have any other questions you can contact me here.