2 hour session: You are not a hamburger - teaching primary school children about sex and sexual imagery

I have been teaching children and teenagers, parents and teachers about sexuality for 20 years and I am getting increasing queries for dealing with the ‘noise’ about sex, and being sexual, that’s mostly in ads in various media, as well as in music videos, online and on TV.  While we can limit children’s access to messages and images we don’t find helpful (and we should), we can’t control everything.  Developing their capacity to be critical and to articulate the difference between a commercial kind of sexuality, and a human kind of sexuality, is a good first step.

This session is offered to help lay a foundation for understanding and talking about sexual feelings and sexual expression with 10 to 13 year old children. It is specifically designed to provide a balance to the ‘noise’. We will go over the research, practice hands-on ways to talk about growing up and sexual imagery, and answer any tricky questions.


If you would like to book me for a training session, or talk more about this program you can contact me here.